Often, quiet moments can bring people closer together. Intimacy is built upon time shared between people even if that time is spent doing almost nothing at all. The work explores the small moments where very little needs to be said or done in order for a connection to be made. There is an idealistic attitude in the work that wants to believe in true love and happy endings. It is an escape into romance and privacy, the isolation of moments in time where nothing matters but the present. Although every piece doesn’t necessarily depict a couple or a romantic moment, the intimacy of quiet, reflective space is present throughout.

About the project

The folio, Moments to Carry, is a collection of eight 5”x7” screenprints printed in a limited edition of 100 at Atelier Imago in Moncton, NB and Open Studio in Toronto, ON. In April 2008, Geneviève was welcomed to Atelier Imago in Moncton for a two week artist’s residency. There she created four of the eight images in their charming printmaking studio. She returned to Toronto to finish the project. The set is packaged in a paper portfolio with screenprinted cover. each folio is $160 CDN
currently on view and for sale at LE www.le-gallery.ca